Our Sports Science Services

Sports Science Consulting Services

We provide an individualized evidence-based sport science program to assist athletes reach their full potential, improve performance, consolidate healthy habits and become independent educated thinkers.Using cutting edge technology, a unique education approach, the latest knowledge research findings and 20+ years of remarkable applied field experience in sport and performance for elite athletes.

Sport Science Consulting Options

Individual Athletes Mentoring

90 min consultation to assess the status and needs analysis of the athlete in order to establish an action plan to maximize performance.


  • One-on-One 90-min consultation
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Assessment of training status and areas for improvement
  • Personalized Training program.
  • Sport Nutrition education.
  • Assess growth and maturation status.
  • Monitor training via GPS and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Monitor Wellness and recovery.
  • Body composition & anthropometrical assessment.
  • Advanced hydration assessment.
  • Sport Specific Fitness testing.
  • Personalized Education program.

Team Sport Science Mentoring

Expert assistance and advice for teams (coaches & players) to improve or achieve the desire performance.


  • Training and performance assessment during competition.
  • Training load assessment & management for the coach.
  • Game & training external load tracking w/GPS technology.
  • Training periodization & recommendations.
  • Team recovery strategies.
  • Sport Specific Fitness testing
  • Conditioning programs (season and off-season)
  • Individualization within the team
  • Teams recommendation s and strategies for games, training, travel, etc.
  • Education program for players and parents.

Organizations Mentoring

Consulting expert service to assist organizations to incorporate or maximize a sport science program based on the needs analysis and opportunities of athletes, organization’s plan and goals, resources, demographics and culture of the program.


  • Assist to develop multiyear plans.
  • Establish long term athlete development programs.
  • Provide Education to players, parents, coaches and administrators.
  • On and off the field sport science related activities for players.
  • Technology selection and utilization for assessment, training and games.
  • Assist to recruit sport scientist.
  • Networking with other key organizations.

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